A Modern, Boho Inspired Wedding in Toronto

Holy romance guys!!

This styled shoot was a first for this team of (mainly) newbies but MAN was I impressed by how it all came together! A few months ago a new friend and awesome photographer (Jess from Durand Studios) came to me and asked me if I wanted to participate in a shoot with her and another photographer (Sam Szostak). I of course said yes! These two had an idea of a theme and just needed a little assistance bringing it all together. After we collectively reached out to some pals in the industry and tirelessly tried to find the perfect venue, we decided Mint Room Studios would offer a fantastic backdrop for our little creative project. Long story short- it took us a few months- but our vision of a romantic, boho- chic wedding was brought together by some seriously talented (and sweet) vendors. If you’re engaged and in need of wedding inspiration or if you genuinely just love weddings, events and pretty things- follow along and see how our day played out!

First things first- take a peek at the vendors that graciously gave up their time and resources to bring this thing together! If you are looking for a service for your special event in the Burlington, Hamilton or Niagara areas-be sure to check out these lovely humans!


We were lucky enough to have a team of photographers capture this awesome day- follow along and see this shoot through their different lenses! First up is Sam Szostak!

“I grew up in the small town of Burlington, Ontario. Being surrounded by more fields than buildings made me appreciate every change that came with the seasons. My little hometown inspires me to use earthy tones and brings out a raw and authentic feel in my photography.” - Sam Szostak


Secondly, husband and wife team- Jess and Tim from Durand Studios rocked it behind the camera as well! Needless to say, between everyone, we probably captured every possible beautiful angle of this thing.

“Hi! We’re Jess and Tim! Not only are we partners in life, but we are also creative partners. Our photography is deep and expressive. We love catching you and your loved ones being yourselves and having fun because-you betcha-we’re having fun too!” - Jessica & Tim Adams


Thank you!!

Thank you again to our amazing team of vendors- each and every one of you brought something beautiful to this day and we could not have done it without you!

Special thanks to our models for rocking it in front of the camera- you brought this shoot to life with ease!

Please don’t hesitate to follow these artists on Instagram or reach out to them for your own special event!