Natural, Earthy Trends for the 2019 Wedding Season

Well guys, that’s it, 2018 is coming to a close and 2019 wedding planning is in full swing. You’ve most likely got your planning hat on and every little thing you’ve been doing seems to revolve around your special day. Wedding trends change slightly year to year as couples and wedding professionals come up with new and exciting twists on last year’s go-to design choices. What I’ve found is that everything is linked in some way from fashion design to home design to wedding design. Colour pallets, fabrics, florals and everything in between- they all feed off of each other. Natural, organic elements seem to have taken over in 2018 and and I can’t get enough! For this reason, I have come up with a list of some of my personal favourite trends from this year that I hope to see continue throughout our 2019 wedding season. Enjoy!

sage green.jpg

Let’s Talk Greenery

2018 has had a major focus on greenery in a lot of different ways. Let’s be real, we’ve been seeing a ton of it over the past couple of years and I don’t think its going to stop. Greenery, in particular, sage green has become a beloved neutral in the wedding (and design) world. The natural, organic look of sage green pairs beautifully with most colour pallets and makes for a breathtaking tone to carry throughout your special day.

Natural Elements

If we want to play off the last topic of beautiful, natural elements, lets talk about ditching the linens and going bare. Upgrade yours (and your guest’s) dining experience by incorporating a trend that will probably be at the top of my list for a while; harvest tables. An addition some venues and rental companies are offering- think barn-style, winery or outdoor tented receptions! This upgrade might require you to make some sacrifices in other areas but trust me, the look is worth it! While you’re at it, skip the extravagant centerpiece and go with a gorgeous, long garland of greenery down the middle of your tables to amp up that organic feel. Simply beautiful!


Earthy Metals

Natural woods, greenery and refreshing colour pallets are all amazing but let’s take your colour scheme up a notch and accent with gold and brass. These metals are back and bigger than ever! From candle holders to chargers to elegant ceremony arches, gold and brass accents work well with jewel tones and also pop against pastels.


Handpicked Details

When it comes to florals, I’m all about the hand-picked look these days and I don’t think I’m the only one. A lot of brides are choosing organic, “picked from the garden”, looking bouquets sporting a ton of greenery. Large blooms used sparingly throughout add that pop of colour you might feel you are missing. TIP: Cutting down on large blooms that may not be in season and opting for mainly greens in your bouquet can work with your budget slightly! .


Pop that colour!

We all know that blush has been around for a few years and it’s not time to say goodbye quite yet. Blush pink is still standing strong as a colour choice for many couples, mainly because it works well with a plethora of other colours and also suits every season. Joining blush in the running for top colour choices are hues such as navy and dusty blue, emerald green and burgundy. Cream and white tones are always good to throw in to ground these colours too! Ultra violet was the 2018 colour of the year according to Pantone which leads me to believe we might be seeing it make an appearance- and who doesn’t love purple!?


Sweeten it up!

Why have one cake when you can have a buffet of cakes….and cookies… and pies? Sweets tables are an AHHHmazing option and might give you a reason to leave extra room for dessert. 1 in 4 couples have been skipping the 5 tier wedding cake in order to have an entire display of candy, cookies, cakes, pies, you name it, as their dessert option. The fun part is, these tables are completely customizable to your theme, colour and preferences. The options are endless!

donut walls.jpg

Speaking of sweets…

Don’t quit while you’re ahead! A complete wall of donuts for you and your guests to devour isn’t going too far at all. This wall from Cater Me Please, will seriously impress your guests. Why not go all out when you know you’ll be spending the night dancing it off!

I could go on for an hour about all of the trends and ideas I’ve been loving seeing this year but i’ll save that for another day. I’m extremely excited to see what the 2019 wedding season has in store!

Happy planning!

If you are engaged and looking for tips or assistance with planning- whether it be a quick consultation, month-of coordination or full on wedding planning; I would love to help! I even offer sweets table packages! Check out my page or contact me to get started on making your perfect day become a reality!