Make your Holiday Party Pop!

Tips for throwing a FAB holiday party!

Every year we say it and every year it seems to creep up on us faster and faster. “Can you BELIEVE the holidays are here?”. Your annual holiday party is just around the corner and if you’re like most people, you’ve been way too busy to even think about planning it; that’s where I come in. If you have absolutely no time to get your plans in order, contact me and I can help you organize. If you feel somewhat under control, but need some ideas, you came to the right place! I have come up with a list of what i feel are important things to consider when planning your holiday party, as well as a list of fun ideas to make your party that much more entertaining!

First things first, you wont have guests if you don’t invite any! Whether you are sending paper invites, e-vites, or a casual email, give your guests plenty of time to respond as the holiday season books up fast! Send out paper invites 4-6 weeks before and send out online invites 4 weeks before! The invite dictates the theme and how people should plan to dress (think formal or casual) so decide on a theme before you send your invites and stick with it.

Stay Organized!

1-2 days before your party, write out a list (typical party planner over here!) of everything that needs to be done the day of. Having a list of what needs to be done and when will hopefully keep you on track during the day. This will also make it easy for you assign tasks if and when someone asks if they can help. Leave yourself time to relax and don’t forget to add in how long it will take you to get ready!


I’m a huge fan of keeping the decor simple and elegant. Warm twinkle lights and greenery with a pop of colour go a long way. I would suggest choosing a colour theme to work with so that everything looks cohesive. My favourite holiday colour pallet always includes gold and/or silver.

Food & Drink

Lets talk about getting the party started for a second. Having a welcome cocktail for when guests arrive is always a nice touch and is always much appreciated. Unless you have a bartender on hand, don’t complicate it though. A nice pot of mulled wine is a fabulous way to warm your guests up when they arrive (not to mention your house will smell amazing!). If you’re not into warm bevvies, spruce up your sparkling wine with a sugar rim or a spear of sugar coated cranberries. Don’t forget the DD’s; you can even make a non-alcoholic version for drivers, non-drinkers and kids! Comment below or contact me for some great cocktail ideas and recipes!

Speaking of cocktails, if you don’t have time to stand and mix drinks for everyone all night, set up a self-serve bar for your guests. This will give you more time to prep and serve food and, more importantly, mingle with your guests (after-all that’s why you’re throwing this shin dig isn’t it?). A bar area also gives you some great opportunities to show off your decor and theme!

I LOVE a good cocktail party. The mingling, the copious amounts of finger foods; what more could you want!? Keep things simple (apparently that’s a common trend with me!) with a buffet of hors do’oeuvres or even hire a caterer; I happen to know a few. Sit-down dinners are fantastic for intimate gatherings but for a large holiday party, finger foods are the way to go! Guests love being able to mingle and eat when they feel like it and these types of foods are way easier to prep giving you more time with your guests!

Now that the basics are covered, let’s get to some really fun party ideas!!

Take things up a notch and really show your guests you have put some effort in. You are sure to Impress everyone with these ideas that are seriously easy to put together (with a little bit of planning!)

  1. Come up with something interactive such as a wine or scotch list paired with a few of your finger foods; bonus if you can give some tasting notes!

  2. Consider hiring someone to man your bar. In the grande scheme of things, a bartender does not take up a lot of your budget when hired for a few hours and really adds that extra special touch. Guests feel well taken care of and it takes a bit of pressure off of you, the host! Don’t forget to make sure you know who is driving, offer a place to sleep or call a taxi or Uber for your guests! Hire a bartender here .

  3. If you have kids attending your party, consider setting up an adorable hot chocolate bar. All you need is a crock pot , a ladle, some mugs and an array of toppings for them to DIY the perfect hot chocolate

  4. Create a photo booth with holiday themed props. Photo booths are all the rage and always a hit (especially after 1 or 2 of your welcome cocktails). Add another level by creating a hashtag for your party so guests can share photos and remember the night when the January blues kick in! Pick somewhere secluded, but not too out of the way that no one notices, hang up a backdrop with some holiday decorations and props and you’re set!

  5. Cater to their sweet tooth. A huge trend at events right now is having candy or sweets tables. Why not add this to your holiday party? There are a million different creative things you can do with a sweets table, which is why I love them so much. Head on over to the Candy Tables page to see what LQ Events offers!

Finally, have FUN. The holidays are stressful enough as it is and spending time with friends and loved ones should (in my opinion) always be the first priority. When the host is having fun, so are the guests!

For other tips or to request holiday party planning, bartending or candy table services, please contact

CHEERS and happy holidays!