YES! You should consider hiring a Wedding Planner

YES! You should consider hiring a Wedding Planner!

So, you said YES! It happened! The magical moment where you decided to spend forever with the one you love. You’ve told your friends and your family and you’ve even made a unique announcement on social media…. Now what?? You want to start planning, you have some ideas but you have no idea where to start. On the other hand, maybe you have been pinning to your “dream wedding” board forever and already have your venue, photographer, DJ and florist picked out. Maybe you’re a DIY queen who has basically planned it all. Regardless of which situation applies to you, in the long run, all it comes down to is that you want your wedding day to go off without a hitch. This is where a wedding planner comes in. I have watched friends get married, I have been in weddings, I have planned weddings, and of course, I have been a bride myself. It’s safe to say I’ve been on all sides of it. The one thing I will always say is that at some point during your wedding process, you might want to consider hiring a wedding planner. I have laid out for you here why I firmly believe this should be a huge consideration you make before you dive into the craziness that is planning your special day.

Budget, Budget, Budget

Wedding planners are there to help you stay on track with your spending. We can guide you in the right direction and help you decide where to allocate those precious dollars and cents. We also have a good idea of what is typically more impactful and where your money will work for you. We are highly organized individuals with a keen sense for budgeting and will look out for your best interests and, more importantly, your wallet.

We’re there for YOU!

A wedding planner is there for you and only you. We are your advocate during this huge time in your life and we’re kind of like the assistant you didn’t know you needed. We want to ensure your day goes the way you imagined it and we will focus on making sure every detail goes your way. When you hire a wedding planner, they work with you for weeks or even months on end and develop a sense of exactly how you want your day to play out. So, on your big day, when you want to focus on your loved ones and the excitement that is hair, makeup and mimosas, we are ensuring everything is set up and ready to go just how you’ve been dreaming!

We get DEALS!

Some may think it’s silly to spend a (small) portion of their wedding budget on someone to help them plan. I say NO WAY! A wedding planner’s relationship with some vendors can mean costs get cut and deals are more likely to be arranged.  Vendors typically bring each other business, so you can bet they will cut each other a deal here and there to assure that continues to happen.  


We’re your eyes, ears and extra set of hands

We, as wedding planners, have your back and can be an extra set of whatever you need us to be. When times get stressful (and I assure you, they will) we are there to help and get everything back on track. We are an extra set of eyes when you’re deciding on invites, save the dates and everything in between. An extra set of ears when you need someone to help with music selection or speech writing. We are an extra set of hands on the day-of to make sure your wedding is set up just how you imagined it. We’ve got you!

Bet ya didn’t know….

Most couples do not realize that many venues provide a coordinator during the planning process but this is typically someone who manages the staff and venue on the day of. These people are amazing to have; however, they aren’t necessarily focusing on the event as a whole.  Quite a few venues actually do suggest hiring someone to help throughout and at the very least, on the day of.

All of this being said; some couples may find that hiring someone to plan their wedding is a little “extra” (I can’t believe I just used that phrase). Maybe you are a super organized couple and have all of your vendors locked down. Maybe you have a keen eye for design and do not need help sourcing décor, theme etc. Some brides are creative or know people who can help them deal with certain aspects of their day. Maybe, let’s just face it, your budget will not allow for it. These are the reasons why most planners (including me!) have many packages to suit your needs. Packages might include: a 2 hour consultation to get you on your way, day- of set up and coordination or even full- fledged wedding planning. I want you to be able to relax, pour yourself a glass of bubbly (we all know that the bottles have been rolling in) and feel confident your special day will be everything you’ve always dreamed!

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